Delphi offers an extensive range of OE-level Diagnostic and Test Equipment

“Is it fixed yet?” Seems like everybody skips right to that question, even though the first thing you need to figure out is “What’s wrong?” So along with making high quality parts, Delphi offers a lineup of diagnostics and test equipment, so you’re sure to have all the answers.

Test Equipment (Hartridge)

Part diagnostic test equipment hartridge CRI PRO


Hartridge CRi-Pro: Advanced 4-line common rail diesel test bench. Flexible, versatile, meeting modern diesel workshop demands globally.

Sabre CRi Expert

The Sabre CRi Expert includes features and functions engineered from the ground up to provide a future-ready testing solution.
Part diagnostic tech equipment Sabre Cri Master 033

Sabre CRi Master

A compact, All-Makes Diesel CR injector test bench packed with advanced functionality.
Part diagnostic tech equipment Toledo HEUI Master

Toledo HEUI Master

Toledo HEUI Master: Blends Sabre CRi Master's trusted platform with HEUI-specific features, offering reliability and innovation.
Part diagnostic test equipment hartridge excalibur with bench

Excalibur GDi Master

Excalibur GDi Master, our debut gas testing solution, boasts the advanced 'sabre' platform, crucial for rising gasoline injector pressures.
Part diagnostic tech equipment hartridge HK1400

HK1400 Expert

This cambox is an essential choice for any diesel workshop wanting to increase their EUI and EUP diagnostic capability.


Save your time with the AVM2-PC Test Stand. Easy to use, its advanced technology allows you to test in %0% of the time it takes other test benches.
Part diagnostic tech equipment Cri PC


The CRi-PC has the ability to test up to four injectors at one time and allows you to create, edit, save and print test plans.

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