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A word from Raj Sangha

I found the Connex24 conference very useful, I have only been in the business a few months and it was wonderful to see all my colleagues from the regions/countries.  I learnt a lot and have and am happy we are all working as a ‘One Team’, united and having the same goals to achieve success in 2024 and years to come!

standing behind the same objectives and striving for success in 2024 and beyond!

The workshop sessions proved to be very useful and incited a lot of conversation/brainstorming, I look forward to working with my group to define a process for Product launches/development to grow our market share and business further. 

Last note but not least, it was a pleasure to part of an awesome team full of so much knowledge and experience – thank you to Nigel and his team for organising a great event and getting all the team together.  Let’s make it happen!!
Rajvinder Sangha

Rajvinder Sangha
Marketing Manager – Northern & Western Europe

A word from Lucian Cormos

I have seen good ideas lately, but this event was – by far – the best idea!

I first met in person many of the colleagues that I’m working with basically daily basis – that is good. We shared knowledge and ideas and have fun – that is even better.

So thank you for everything and looking forward meeting you again!

Lucian Cormos
Category Manager - CEE

A word from Didem Tum

Alpine experience is one thing I will remember all my life. Super fantastic!! I am a Formula fan, so this was a breathtaking experience for me.

Meeting each other as a team, now made me more as a family as Delphi marketing. I can share my ideas more comfortable, and check what is going on at other countries without any concern.

I was in cataloguing team, we had it like a project management and very strict with Denis & Patricia. 1st day attendees were PIM & Techdoc technical team. I got first time this much technically deep dive. I learned a lot and will keep learning.

Coming up together for understanding and sharing responsibilities for our strategies would be more effective and successful for Delphi, I am sure we will see results. Rather than announced and tracked separately at regions, this will be more creatively and individually tracked.

I understand Delphi is having more detailed CRM projects from now on, also this was enhanced with MoM. I also had experience on CRM, Salesforce and Digital projects at my previous 6 years. I would like to have active support if any project will be tracked in the future.

Didem Tum
Category Manager - TAME

A word from Kirsty Saayman

Thank you for organising and supporting the Connex conference, I found it hugely valuable and motivational and I am hopeful that we will see results from it with the continuation timeline!

Kirsty Saayman
Brand & Communications Manager – UK & Nordics

A word from Thomas Schwitalla

Connex24 was a great event and also really well organized! It was also very helpful to get to know each other.
Looking forward to 25!

Thomas Schwitalla
Category Manager & Business Analyst DACH

A word from Marta Aguilar

It has been very satisfying and useful to have the space and time to join together to remind we are stronger as a team, and step away from daily emails to let creativity flow. Thank you to the EMEA team for organizing it!

Marta Aguilar

Marta Aguilar
Category Manager - Spain & Portugal

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    We wanted to extend a huge thank you for joining us at CONNEX! It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you and witnessing the incredible work that has been done.

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