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A word from Lucian Cormos

Mar 22, 2024, 10:16 AM
Title : A word from Lucian Cormos
I have seen good ideas lately, but this event was – by far – the best idea!

I first met in person many of the colleagues that I’m working with basically daily basis – that is good. We shared knowledge and ideas and have fun – that is even better.

So thank you for everything and looking forward meeting you again!
Author : Lucian Cormos

Next steps

1. CONNEX +1 week

All content / initial workshop outputs will be shared with all attendees

2. CONNEX +1 week

All DAY 1 content to be shared with Sales & Marketing workshop attendees​

3. CONNEX +2 weeks

Sales & Marketing workshop; identify ongoing project leads

4. CONNEX +3 weeks

All workshop owners to hold follow-up ‘reflection’ sessions with the teams​

5. CONNEX +4 weeks

Each workshop leader(s) to report out initial findings, ideas and ongoing plan to ELT

6. CONNEX +5 weeks

Each region marketing manager to present out region marketing plan based on CONNEX alignments

7. CONNEX + 6 weeks

Each workshop group to load detailed project plan into PlanBase; ongoing PMO review cadence

8. CONNEX +8 weeks

NR to share consolidated ‘One plan for marketing’; review, adjust, start implementation


‘One plan for marketing’ rolled out to ALT

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We wanted to extend a huge thank you for joining us at CONNEX! It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you and witnessing the incredible work that has been done.

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