Engineered by Hartridge for garages and entry-level workshops, YDT-35 is a simple, low cost go/no go diagnostic solution for troubleshooting faulty Common Rail injectors. Complementing our range of on-vehicle tools, the all-makes machine is the first step in the diagnostics process. It combines an electrical injector test with visual spray pattern checks, to quickly identify individual injectors that have failed. So from now on, only faulty injectors need to besent for repair, delivering a wider and more controlled stream of work to the authorised network, as well as providing another profitable service opportunity for garages and workshops.

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Basics of diesel intake, compression, power and exhaust

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Fuel Injection Diagnostic How to Video Technicians

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In this article you will find out about the basics of diesel intake, compression, power and exhaust.

The four strokes of an engine are pretty much the same mechanically, but as you know, if you have worked on diesel engines, the intake stroke is where gas and diesel differ. You have intake, air and fuel coming in the gas engine and you have only air coming in the diesel engine.

In this video, we share the basics of diesel engines. We look at the compression stroke, the power stroke, exhaust stroke and external EGR.

Basics of diesel intake, compression, power and exhaust
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