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Our training, whether online or face-to-face, is tailored to the needs of workshops. How do we know what they require? We surveyed 4,000 of them and gained insights into their processes and the challenges they face each day.
The technicians we questioned are hungry for resources and information to support their work and streamline the repair process. Instead of developing generic automotive repair videos and courses, we built resources based on the real-world needs of the garages.

Introducing the Rule of Three

Our solution to the challenges workshops face is to offer a blend of online and e learning and information resources. Delphi’s training journey is guided by a principle we call the “Rule of Three.” This refers to the time frames that technicians typically face when making repairs or setting aside a few hours or days to learn a new skill to advance their career and better serve their customers. 

Here is a look at the three aspects of the Rule of Three and what each illustrates.


3 Minutes

When the vehicle is on the lift inside the repair shop, mechanics have a very short time to diagnose the problem and decide on a solution. The pressure is on. The wrong answer can delay the repair schedule for the rest of the day. We imagined a scenario where the technicians only have three minutes to diagnose the problem and find the proper solution.

Our survey found that most technicians would often resort to YouTube and Google to find solutions when the problem wasn’t immediately obvious. We realized that posting our educational videos on YouTube is a way to support repair professionals when they need it the most: when the car is on the lift and the deadline for finding a problem is fast approaching.

3 Hours

Most people lead busy lives, and this is no different in the workshops. Technicians often do not have the time to move between locations to undertake their learning in an official training centre environment. But, often a 3 hour window can become available if a pending vehicle service has been moved.

Our online training platform, the Delphi Academy, allows professionals to build skills and perfect repair abilities in manageable increments without additional travel and commitments - as we often say, it allows technicians to learn where, when, and how best fits their needs.

3 Days

Some advanced skills require a longer time commitment and face-to-face instruction. Our in-person instruction at Delphi Training Centres across Europe teaches advanced skills, such as working on electric vehicles or high-performance cars. Technicians come away from the training experience with new knowledge to complete complex repairs and aftermarket parts installations.

An Eye on the Future

This blended learning approach, our Rule of Three, makes vital information available to workshops, effectively assisting them as they make repairs and install parts. We are confident the Rule of Three philosophy will work with any new auto technologies coming onto the market. With the right information, workshops can perform repairs effectively and efficiently without worrying that the job is beyond their abilities.

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