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Who to trust when it comes to training | Masters of Motion
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Who to trust when it comes to training?

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Who to trust for your training and why does it matter?

The shift to digital and online content was always on the cards. The pandemic not only escalated that timeline but also took away in-person alternatives at the same time. The pressure to be online exclusively has eased, but it has forever changed the presence and validity of the internet as a source for training solutions.  

The population of online content has exploded in an effort to offer training solutions that can keep you up to date. One benefit is that many providers are now offering to share their knowledge. But with the increasing availability of online training options, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the quality of the training being provided. There are so many different providers and courses available that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

Its Just an Online Course, What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Firstly, we need to understand why trust matters at all. You’re just keeping your training up to date like all techs do, what’s the worst that could happen? Best case scenario is that you just lost some time and will need to cover the topic again by finding another course to do. It’s impacted your time, and likely your money, but you are the only one affected.

However, worst case scenario is that you get it wrong on the vehicle. This is where it now impacts your customer and work quality. Depending on how wrong it goes, it may impact your reputation. If the course material gave you incorrect information you also might not realise it immediately until colleagues or customers feedback indicates that something isn’t right.

Trusted Training Makes a Big Difference

What feels like ‘just’ picking an online training course now feels like navigating a minefield. Even the best-case scenario costs you your time, which is a rare and valuable resource! Training online is here to stay and still a valid option which is making training easy and accessible. But taking the time to assess courses to find a trusted provider is a step that will pay dividends in the long run. The right training provider should have a proven track record of delivering high-quality courses that are tailored to meet your needs. They should also be willing to go above and beyond in helping you understand the material and providing support when needed.

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