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A look at everything the new DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit offers

A look at everything the new DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit offers

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Find out what’s inside the new DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit in this Masters of Motion unboxing video, as our Delphi expert reveals all. Discover the full range of cables and attachments in this two-case set as well as some state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with many great features.

If you work with buses, trucks or trailers, you won’t want to miss this video. Join us as our expert goes through all this:

The tablet designed around the needs of today’s busy technician  
A security dongle and where to find it
Additional tablet connectivity and power adapters
The full range of cables included

Why does the DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit come in two cases?

There is simply too much equipment to fit into a single case. This is why there are two - one contains the diagnostic equipment, the other has all the different adapter leads.

What kind of vehicles does the DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit fit?

The DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit is compatible with trucks, as well as buses and trailers.

Does the tablet included only cover trucks, buses and trailers?

The software included on the tablet also works on cars to give you greater flexibility. 

How many cables are included in the DS480 Diagnostic Truck Kit?

This comprehensive kit includes a total of 11 different cables to cover every need.

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