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Unboxing the DS Diagnostic Trailer Kit | Masters of Motion
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Discover what’s inside the DS Diagnostic Trailer Kit

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If you work with trailers, you won’t want to miss this unboxing video as our Delphi expert takes you through everything inside the new Delphi Diagnostic Trailer Kit.

Discover the full range of cables this feature-packed kit offers, and check its connectivity to your existing diagnostic equipment.

Watch this video to discover:

  • The types of trailer this kit can be used with
  • The different cable adapters included
  • Which diagnostic tools this trailer kit is compatible with

How many cable adapters are included in this trailer kit?

The new DS Diagnostic Trailer Kit comes with a selection of six different cable adapters, which between them will cover your every need.

How will I know which cable to use?

When you use a  Delphi tablet, the software will automatically identify the correct cable to use with the trailer. Just refer to the chart on the inside of the kit which clearly labels each one by part number and an image.

What happens to cables I already own or new additions?

One side of the carry case contains space to expand your cable kit and is fitted out with pre-made storage compartments, so everything is kept neat and tidy.

Does the kit include an ISO cable?

This comprehensive kit contains everything you’ll need to work with trailers, including an ISO cable.
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