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How to check your headlight alignment | Masters of Motion
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How to align headlights on a Tesla

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Adjusting the headlights on a Tesla isn’t really any different to checking alignment on other vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have their own method of headlight adjustment which we explore here. 

Join our Delphi expert as they take you through the process of checking a Tesla’s headlight alignment, checking off the following topics: 

  • The onscreen commands you need to start the process 

  • How to calibrate the rear height sensors 

  • How Tesla models can save you time on a light function check 

What is the light show feature on a Tesla? 

The light show feature allows drivers to program a fun light show using the full rotation of lights up front in your Tesla. As a side benefit it allows you to test the full range of lights including headlights to ensure they’re functioning correctly. 

Do Tesla headlights need to be aligned when replaced? 

You will need to align the headlights once they’ve been replaced. While you do use the beam setter on a Tesla to check alignment, as with other cars, the headlights on a Tesla are adjusted using the touchscreen. 

Do Teslas have LED matrix headlights? 

Yes, Tesla does have LED matrix headlights available on most models in the UK and Europe. However, the feature is currently not active for use on the road.

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