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How to calibrate a turbocharger Masters of Motion
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How to calibrate a turbocharger

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Fitting a turbocharger is a time-consuming job that can take the best part of a day. Once you’ve installed the new part, it’s important to remember to calibrate it before giving the keys back to a customer.

In this Masters of Motion video our Delphi expert shares why calibrating a turbocharger is so important and how to do it. Discover:

· Problems that occur if you don’t calibrate 
· The equipment you’ll need for the job 
· How to create a calibration certificate

Do I need to calibrate a newly fitted turbocharger?

Yes, calibrating a turbocharger is an essential job. If not carried out, it can lead to a number of performance issues.

How do I know what engine code to use?

Just enter the vehicle registration into the tablet and the software will find the engine code for you. 

How long does it take to calibrate the turbocharger?

The actual calibration is a quick and easy job, taking a minute or so once you’ve input the correct details into the tablet.

Do I need to create a calibration certificate?

It’s a good idea to create a certificate – keep it in your records and give one to the customer as proof that calibration has been carried out.

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