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How to calibrate windows on a BMW
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How to calibrate windows on a BMW

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We expect our car windows to seamlessly slide up and down with the touch of a button. So when they don’t operate as they should, we need to understand exactly why. Is it a simple fix or a substantial failure?

In this video from the experts at Delphi, we show you how to calibrate the front windows of a 2015 BMW X5 following a reported fault with the ‘one touch’ feature.

With step-by-step troubleshooting instructions you’ll learn how to quickly pinpoint the problem and fix the issue. The video covers:

• Diagnosing the fault
• Self-calibration and calibration using a diagnostic tool
• Clearing fault codes
• The equipment you need

What can cause car window failure?

It could be anything from the battery having been disconnected and reconnected, the door itself or the door module having been replaced, a blown fuse, or switch failure. That’s why it’s important to run a diagnostic test on the car.

Do I need a diagnostic tool to calibrate a window?

That depends on the make and model. If you don’t have a diagnostic device to hand, try taking the window up and down several times in succession, holding the switch for a few seconds at each end of the travel . This will carry out a self-calibration on the window, but as mentioned, this method depends on the vehicle.

Does it take a long time to run a diagnostic test?

No. With the right diagnostic tool you can have an idea what’s wrong in a few minutes.

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