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How to change filters in petrol injectors | Masters of Motion
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How to change filters in petrol injectors

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Basket filters inside petrol injectors can get clogged over time, and when that happens the flow of fuel being injected into the engine is restricted.

In driving terms this could mean reduced performance or decreased fuel economy, and if the fuel doesn’t mix correctly, it can also lead to higher engine pollution.

This video from the experts at Delphi shows you how to change basket filters quickly and easily on port fuel injectors. Watch and discover:

• The effects of a clogged basket filter 
• The tools you need for the job
• A step-by-step guide to removing and refitting a filter

What are the signs of a failing fuel injector?

A clogged fuel injector will restrict fuel flow, preventing petrol from being injected into the engine and affecting the optimisation of the spray pattern.

Why is it important to change injector filters?

Filters are critical to a smooth-running car as they help prevent dirt and other harmful particulates entering the engine and damaging it. A new filter will improve fuel efficiency, boost engine power and performance, reduce emissions, and increase the life of the engine.

When I remove the basket filter what should I look for?

Once you’ve extracted the filter from the injector, check the filter for debris and particulates. If there are any present it could indicate an underlying issue.

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