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How to check and test your brake fluid | Masters of Motion
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How to check and test brake fluid

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Brake fluid is an essential part of the braking system. It acts as part of the hydraulic system which allows the brakes to function correctly. There’s a lot to remember about testing and checking brake fluid, so here’s a reminder. 

Brush up on brake fluid with this helpful video from the expert technicians at Delphi. We’ll go over some of the most important information ready for the next time you tackle these issues, including: 

  • Where to locate the brake fluid reservoir 
  • What the different DOT ratings mean 
  • When to check and when to change brake fluid.

What brake fluid do I need? 

You can find out which brake fluid the vehicle in question needs by looking at the cap on the brake fluid reservoir. There should be a DOT number written on there, which will tell you which specification you need. 

How often should brake fluid be changed? 

We recommend checking a vehicle’s brake fluid once a year, and changing it every two years to help your brakes stay in good shape. 

What does brake fluid do? 

Through hydraulic pipe, brake fluid converts the moment of the brake pedal, to the movement of the pad or shoe, on to the disc or drum. It also acts as a lubricant to keep the moving parts of the system working effectively. 

How do I check brake fluid level? 

Simply find the brake fluid reservoir in the engine bay. You can check the level of the brake fluid with a look at the clearly marked level indicators for Min and Max level. The ideal level is between these two markers. 

The fluid should also be checked for water content, as brake fluid will absorb water over time. 

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