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How to Connect the Float Arm to the Fuel Pump

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Learn how to install the float arm to the fuel pump.

The float arm may come packaged separately from your new Delphi electric fuel pump. That’s so the fuel level sensor and float arm won’t get damaged during shipping. We all know how frustrating it is to be ready to do a repair, but then have a delay because the part we want to install is damaged. Delphi goes to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen with our parts. We designed our packaging to protect the float arm, and help ensure that the gauge will read accurately when you install it. Connecting the float arm to the fuel pump only takes a minute to do.

Simply take the float arm and install the wire end into the sender hole. Support the sender arm and push down firmly until you hear the arm snap into place.

You’re literally done in a snap, and you’ve got an intact float arm and a sending unit that operates correctly when you install the fuel pump.

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