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Mechanic checking battery health using Delphi Technologies Diagnostic tools.
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How to perform a battery health check

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We’ll take you through how to use a diagnostic tool to check the health of a vehicle’s battery. 

Why do I need to perform a battery health check? 

Some manufacturers insist on a battery health check as part of a vehicle’s annual service to maintain the warranty, others to extend it. 

How do I plug in the diagnostic tool? 

Find the vehicles OBD socket and plug in the Delphi DS180 or DS480 diagnostic tool.  

How do I make sure the diagnostic tool is set to the right vehicle? 

Enter the vehicles registration or VIN on the diagnostic tool to bring up the diagnostic data on it. Then, go to the EV control module and from here click through to the HV-battery regulation section. You can now connect to the vehicle and perform the diagnostic check. 

How do I test the battery? 

Choose to carry out the ‘Battery state of health’ test. Once you’ve selected it, simply click ‘Play’ and it will be performed.  

What information does the test show me? 

You can see all the individual battery cells in the car, the voltage they are all showing and the reference voltage that they should be within.  

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