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How to remove a locking wheel nut
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How to remove a locking wheel nut

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How to remove a locking wheel nut

One of the most frustrating jobs technicians will face is removing the locking wheel nut from car wheels when the wheel nut key is misplaced. Keys are specific to each set of locking wheel nuts so its not possible to just find a match.

Get an idea on the process of how to remove a locking wheel nut with this video from the
experts at Delphi. You’ll find out:

• How to tell you’ve got the correct size socket attachment
• Which extra tools are needed and why
• How to fix on the socket attachment

What is a locking wheel nut?

A locking wheel nut is an additional fixture to keep wheels attached to cars and safe from would-be thieves. They come in a set of four along with their unique key for use when the time comes to replace them.

Are locking wheel nut keys unique?

Yes and no. One key is highly unlikely to match the wheels on any two cars, but manufacturers do only make a certain amount of patterns. Other drivers could well have keys that match yours, just as you’ll have one that matches others.

How do I order a replacement locking wheel nut key?

You should have a code for the pattern in your owner’s manual. Failing that, specialist firms can make a key just from a photo of the nut. And then of course there are specialist technicians like us who can take care of it for you.

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