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Replace 16v battery on Tesla
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How to replace a 16v battery on a Tesla

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A battery failure in a Tesla isn’t great news, in fact you won’t get very far if that happens. So at the first signs of an error, it’s important to carry out a diagnosis.

In this video from the experts at Delphi, we show you how to do just that. The good news is that Tesla have made the whole process very straightforward.

Watch our step-by-step guide and learn about:

• The difference between low voltage batteries
• How to diagnose an issue via the touchscreen
• Locating and removing the battery
• Fitting a new battery and final checks

How do you diagnose an issue with a Tesla battery?

The beauty of Tesla cars is that the touchscreen on the dashboard will notify you of any errors. You then simply open the service menu to diagnose the problem.

How straightforward is it to replace the lithium-ion battery?

It’s quite uncomplicated on both the Tesla model 3 and model Y. The model 3 is the easier of the two, whereas with the model Y you need to unclip a couple of panels and remove a few bolts to gain access to the battery. Sounds complicated, but it’s quite the opposite.

Why would I need to replace a low voltage battery on a Tesla?

Like all batteries, they degrade over time. As soon as a driver is alerted to an issue with their battery, we recommend they book an appointment for it to be replaced. If the battery dies, the car won’t start.

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