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Delphi Technologies Expert monitoring soot levels in the engine with a DPF sensor.
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How to replace a DPF sensor

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A DPF sensor is crucial for exhaust systems and emissions levels. Learn how to replace one to industry standards.

How do I remove the DPF sensor? 

Firstly, you’ll need to remove the engine cover. Next, remove the electrical connector from the sensor by putting pressure on the connector and press it in. Now lift the tab and you should be able remove it with a pull. Lastly, you’ll need to remove the pipework from the sensor before you take it out.  

How do I remove the pipework? 

Unscrew the retaining screw from the sensor. Once you’ve done this you can start work on unfixing the pipework. Using a pair of pliers, loosen the clips from the pipework. Now, slide the pipework off the sensor.  

How do I visually inspect the new part? 

Simply put the old and new parts next to each other and check that the barbs are the same diameter and the electrical keyways are the same.  

How do I fit the new part? 

Essentially, do what you’ve just done in reverse. When it comes to fitting the clips to the pipework, use the pliers again making sure the clips are snug and not too close to the edge. Relocate the sensor into the clip, place it against the backing plate and put the retaining screw back in. Now, reattach the electrical connector, pushing down firmly until you hear a click that lets you know it’s secure. Replace the engine cover and use a diagnostic tool to erase any fault codes and check live data.     

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