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Delphi Technologies Expert replacing a stabilizer line.
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How to replace a stabilizer link

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Otherwise known as anti-roll bar drop link. Follow our Delphi Technologies Expert as he shows you how to fit it safely. 

Why do I need to clean the threads before removing the nuts from stabiliser link? 

Normally, there will be corrosion around the threads of the nuts. This should be removed with a wire brush so that the nut can be easily removed without damage occurring.  

What do I do if the nut is still stuck? 

Try to slowly work the nut back and forth. Also, apply some lubricating oil which will help loosen it and make its removal easier. 

Does it matter which order I remove the nuts? 

 No, for a stalibiser link there is no technical defined order. However it is recommended to remove the more difficult nut first, so the link is held in place.

Do I need to check the new part? 

We always recommend doing a visual check against the faulty stabiliser link before fitting it to make sure you have the right part. 

How do I fit the new stabilizer link? 

First, fit the top section so that it takes the weight of the stabiliser link – but don’t tighten the nut yet. Then, place the bottom part in place and tighten the nut to the manufacturer’s specification. Now do the same for the top nut. 


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