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The track rod end and wheel of a vehicle.
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How to replace a track rod end

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Follow our step-by-step guide and best practice advice for replacing one of the most crucial steering components. 

How do I loosen the track rod if it’s stuck?

First, use a wire brush to remove any rust from the lock nut thread to free up the track rod. If after you’ve removed the ball joint using a ball joint splitter, the track rod is stuck to the thread, it’s common to use an induction heater to loosen it.

Why do I need to count the turns as I remove the track rod?

It’s essential to do this because when you fit the new part you’ll need to count the turns back to make sure it’s exactly in the right position.

What happens if the ratchet keeps spinning?

You need to tighten the new track rod using a ratchet to avoid damage. If you find it’s just spinning and the thread isn’t catching, then you need to apply tension either by putting pressure on top of the joint or by using an Allen key which fits into the centre of the bolt to hold it still, and then use a spanner.  

What torque do I set the fittings to? 

It’s always best to check the vehicle’s technical data as this can vary and needs to be exactly right.

The correct torque settings can be found on Delphi’s data platform, either directly in your DS diagnostic tool, or at (subscription required)


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