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Delphi Technologies Expert replacing an EGR valve.
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How to replace an EGR valve

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Today, controlling emissions with an EGR valve is vital. Watch as we show you how to refit this essential part. 

What’s the best way to remove the fixing screws on the valve? 

Start by disconnecting the electrical mounting hub. Once you’ve done this, loosen the fixing screws starting with the hardest to reach. Once they are all loose, remove them carefully as they can be easily dropped.  

How do I remove the EGR valve? 

Once you’ve removed the screws, the heat shield should then just slide off. After you’ve done this, the EGR valve can just be pulled out from the inlet. Don’t forget to also remove the gasket as you’ll be replacing it with a new one. 

Do I need to clean the manifold? 

Yes, simply get some lint free towels and wipe around the manifold area as well as inside the inlet, cleaning it all as well as you can before you fit the new valve. 

How do I fit the new valve? 

First, fit the new gasket. Now, slide the replacement valve into place taking note of its orientation. Then, place the heat shield back and the wiring bracket along the top. Now, secure everything using the original fittings. Finally, connect the electrics.  

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