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Delphi Technologies Expert replacing an Ignition Coil.
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How to replace an ignition coil

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 A failing ignition coil can lead to a variety of issues. Follow our steps for a complete removal and refit. 

How do I gain access to the ignition coil? 

Before you do anything, you first need to remove the scuttle panel, oil cap and engine cover so that you can get to the ignition coil. Remember to gently lift the engine cover taking care not to over-stress the wires going over the engine bay.  

How do I remove the ignition coil itself? 

This is simple to do once you’ve gained access to the ignition coil. Just release the locking clip, then remove the electrical harness. The ignition coil is now ready to be removed.  

How do I securely fit the new ignition coil? 

Ensure the new ignition coil is central over the spark plus. Place it firmly downwards to make a good weatherproof seal. Once you’ve done this, take the electrical harness and place it over the connector of the ignition coil and slowly push down the locking clip until you hear a click that it’s in place.  Now, replace the removed engine cover, oil cap and scuttle panel. 

Do I need to use a diagnostic tool? 

After you’ve fitted the new ignition coil, you then need to clear any fault codes and check it is working correctly using a diagnostic tool.  Check in the DS diagnostic tool help file to see if an engine adaptation reset is required

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