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Delphi Expert replacing the front disks and brake pads of a raised vehicle.
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How to replace front discs and brake pads

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From removal to fit, learn how to replace worn brake discs and pads with a Delphi Technologies Expert.

How do I remove the disk if it’s stuck? 

It is common for the disk to be stuck to the hub. To loosen it, go around the friction surface of the disk hitting it with a hammer until it becomes free. 

How do I clean the hub? 

Go around the whole hub using a wire brush (ideally on a drill) to make it spotless, paying particular attention to both the flat surface and angled surface where the disc locates.  

Where do I apply high temperature grease? 

Place it around the hub to prevent the disk from sticking to the hub. 

How do I check the replacement disks are the same before fitting? 

Simply put the new disk over the old one to make sure they are the same diameter. Then, place them side by side to make sure that they’re the same height. 

Why do I have to retract the brake caliper piston? 

Without the caliper piston being retracted, the new brake pads will not fit.  The new pads will be deeper than the existing worn ones. 

Do I need to clean the disks before fitting? 

No, you can put the disks straight on if they are Delphi Geomet coated. This makes them easier to fit as you don’t need to clean off any transport oil. There is also the added benefit that they are long-lasting as this coating provides superior protection against corrosion. 

How do I clean the caliper carrier before refitting? 

To clean the caliper carrier, use a wire brush at the points where the pads slide in and out of the carrier. 

How do I know which way to fit the new pad? 

On directional pads, there will be anarrow marked on backing plate showing the direction the wheel turns. It also has a small cut-out on the side which aligns to the piston on the inside.  

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