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How to replace the air springs on a BMW X5 | Masters of Motion
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How to replace the air springs on a BMW X5

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Air suspension helps you achieve a smoother and consistent ride quality, reducing noise and road vibration. In general, air springs also suffer from less wear and tear when compared to conventional sprung suspension.  

In this short video from the experts at Delphi, you’ll learn how to replace the air springs on a BMW X5 in a step-by-step process. We cover: 

  • Which diagnostic tool to use 
  • How to safely remove the air spring 
  • How to remove the air and refill the system

How many steps are involved in replacing the air springs? 

Essentially there are two main steps. The first is to remove the air from the system and deflate the air springs. The second is to remove, replace and reinflate the system.

What’s the main differences between air springs and coil springs? 

It’s widely thought that air springs improve the ride quality in your car as they offer more absorption on uneven or bumpy roads. Air springs also allow you to control the height of your vehicle, so should you regularly drive in an area with speed bumps, you can raise the suspension level up.

Does the car need to be suspended when carrying out the work? 

Yes, you must suspend the vehicle when you’re replacing the air springs. The diagnostic tool should also remind you to do this.

After replacing and reinflating the air springs what do I need to do? 

The final part of the process is to carry out a level calibration. Once complete, you’re good to go.
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