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How to replace the pyro fuse in a Tesla Model S | Masters of Motion
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How to replace the pyro fuse in a Tesla Model S

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The battery inside a Tesla vehicle’s pyro fuse lasts about eight years. Once you get the warning on the dash, it’s time for a replacement. Otherwise there’s the risk of a complete disconnect of the high-voltage battery from the vehicle – at the most inconvenient moment.

Watch our guide on replacing the pyrotechnic fuse when you’re servicing a Tesla Model S, and pick up a few points. In the video you’ll see:

• How to access the pyro fuse on a Model S
• Where on the vehicle to test for high voltage disconnection
• Why you should use a replacement ‘current-powered’ pyro fuse

What is the first responder loop?

In a Tesla vehicle, the first responder loop is a low voltage harness designed to safely cut the high voltage system. Watch the video to see where the high-voltage interlock loop is found on the Model S.

What error code does the pyro fuse come up as?

The driver will get a message on their dash computer which says ‘battery fuse replacement required’. The error code itself on the diagnostic tool may differ.

What is the torque spec for the pyro fuse cover? 

On the Model S, the pyro fuse cover bolts should be torqued to 9nm, as per the manufacturer guidelines. Refer to the owner handbook for other models.

Is the vehicle OK to drive when the battery fuse replacement is needed?

There’s no way to tell how long your vehicle can go with the dash warning before it shuts down the vehicle completely – which could be a very costly fix. We recommend booking in the service as soon as you can when the warning first appears.

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