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How to test a newly fitted Lambda sensor

How to test a newly fitted Lambda sensor

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If you’ve replaced an O2 sensor, also known as a Lambda sensor, then you need to check it’s working correctly before allowing the vehicle to leave your workshop.  

In this Masters of Motion video, our Delphi expert shows you how to test if it is fully working. Discover the following: 

• Why you need to test a new O2 sensor 
• How to perform a drive cycle 
• How to clear fault codes 

What does an O2 sensor do? 

It makes sure a vehicle’s engine is correctly burning fuel by measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust fumes.  

What equipment will I need? 

To make sure that the new lambda sensor is working correctly, you will need a Delphi BlueTech DS480 VCI and Delphi Workshop Tablet.

Why do I need to test the sensor if it’s new? 

This is because as soon as you delete the fault codes on the tablet, the readiness tests need to be redone to ensure it is working correctly.  

Do I need to do a test drive of the vehicle? 

Yes, in order to redo the readiness test, you will need to take the car out on the road. 

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