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How to perform BMW service update on iDrive | Masters of Motion
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Resetting service history on a BMW iDrive

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The BMW iDrive can occasionally be a tricky item when it comes to updating service history. There are a few things that you should look out for when performing an update on the BMW iDrive.  

Check out this guide from the experts at Delphi, where we’ll show you: 

  • What the Aftermarket Online System (AOS) is used to record 

  • How to add the service history to the BMW iDrive 

  • What to do if the BMW ConnectedDrive contract has expired 

Can any mechanic or independent garages update the BMW iDrive service history? 

Yes, any garage or technician can register with BMW to be able to update the iDrive service history.  You will need a valid BMW AOS account, and a diagnostic tool with a J2534 pass-through functionality, such as the Delphi DS480 and DS180. 

What does ISTA mean and do I need to connect to it? 

ISTA means Integrated Services Technical Application – it is the diagnostic software used in BMW vehicles. You’ll need to use it as the bridge between KaSio and the iDrive if the ConnectedDrive contract has expired. ISTA needs a licence which can be purchased for as little as one hour’s use. 

How long does updating the BMW iDrive service history take? 

At first, updating the BMW iDrive service history can look like a difficult and time-consuming task. But the more you get used to the process, the easier it gets – and the less time it will take. 

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