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Unboxing the DS480 Diagnostic Kit | Masters of Motion

Unboxing the new DS480 Diagnostic Kit

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Don’t miss this Masters of Motion video as our Delphi expert goes through what’s inside the new DS480 Diagnostic Kit. They’ll reveal all the state-of-art equipment packed in this tester car kit, as well as the many additional features designed to future proof it as automotive technology keeps advancing.

Discover everything this must-have diagnostic car kit offers now, including:

· The features on the fully customised tablet case
· How the USB hub fits to the tablet and the types of USB that can be connected
· Where to find the Delphi security dongle

Why is a USB hub included in the kit?

The diagnostic kit includes a specially designed hub to perform a USB pass through. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to connect more USB devices to the tablet with ease. 

Is a BlueTech VCI included?

You will find the latest BlueTech VCI model included inside which is fully FD-compatible, has a built-in data logger and much more.

How does the BlueTech VCI connect to the tablet?

Connect the BlueTech VCI using a cable included in the kit, or connect via Bluetooth.

How will I know everything is in the kit?

For peace of mind, a full inventory of the equipment included is listed inside for you to do a quick check against.

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