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Delphi Technologies is first-to-market with brake pads for the new Toyota Supra

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Only six months after launch, and we already have brake pads for the new Toyota Supra in our range. Yet another first-to-market from Delphi Technologies, meaning you can access repair opportunities on the very latest vehicles sooner.

Performance and safety

Of course time to market is not the most important factor. With a top speed of 155 miles per hour (mph) and acceleration from 0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds, the pads must stop the vehicle just as quickly, whilst still meeting the demands that come with higher speed braking.  Manufactured from a precise blend of more than 130 different friction ingredients, and featuring the latest OE technology, our pads are designed for the specific parameters and high operating temperatures associated with performance vehicles.  Indeed, in recent high-performance vehicle testing, Delphi Technologies’ brake pads excelled, achieving impressive results in stopping power, control and brake fade stability.


With 98.7% coverage on pads, and 96.9% on discs, we now have one of the best Asian braking ranges in the industry. The Toyota Supra, is just one of many Japanese and Korean models added to our range in recent months -  part of our ongoing commitment to provide installers with all the parts they need to fix a vehicle’s brake system and return it to its peak performance ….so that cars drive as well as the day they drove off the assembly line.

For more on the new Toyota Supra brake pad, part number LP3235, and the rest of our braking range visit

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Delphi Technologies’ coated brake discs provide longer lasting corrosion protection than competition

Independent testing shows a significant increase in corrosion resistance, with the Delphi Technologies’ disc lasting nearly 700 hours longer than leading OE and aftermarket brands. The additional protection, which represents significantly more hours in normal driving conditions, will help boost repair quality and long-term customer satisfaction. Ready-to-install, straight-from-the-box, Delphi Technologies’ coated brakes save time, boost margins and minimize returns.
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