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Are you as excited as us about our new aftermarket packaging?

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Every day 1000’s of technicians open our boxes, so as well as looking good, they must be strong, durable and of course, easy to use. Thanks to a recent makeover, which sees us move from the red oval to the new Delphi Technologies logo, and with it a single, global identity for both OE and aftermarket businesses, our new packaging achieves all this and more…

Featuring our vibrant new blue, the new packaging comes in both a wallpaper print and a retail design for products such as brakes, steering and fuelling. There’s also a subtle nod to the past with a number of common design elements, including product images on retail boxes. This blend of new and old ensures a design that is both befitting to our new Delphi Technologies brand, but which also feels familiar with the old, for greater brand recognition.

But we know looks aren’t the only important thing. We consulted hundreds of customers worldwide, asking them how they store, select and use our boxes, and critically, how they could be improved to help make their businesses more efficient. 47% said stronger boxes. Others, that the boxes must be easy to open. So we invested in a new design with higher-quality materials. As well as being easier to use, the new packaging offers increased protection during transit and storage.

We also know that every square centimetre on our customer shelves counts. Because of this our packaging engineers are reviewing the size and orientation of our boxes, to eliminate any waste and optimise shelf space too.

We’re also introducing an enhanced label which clearly shows the information needed to quickly identify the part, including line drawing and locations for some products. The new label features enhanced anti-counterfeit measures and will include the red oval, alongside the Delphi Technologies logo, for a seamless transition between both brands.

The packaging launch is part of a brand transition programme that will include print and digital advertising, new marketing materials and signage. By mid-2019, we expect that up to 90 percent of all outbound deliveries will be in the new packaging. So, watch this space, for our new-look, new-feel packaging coming to a shelf near you soon and let us know what you think.

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