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New, reman and repair for C4i Common Rail injectors

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As the Common Rail system has evolved, to become the clean, super-efficient fuel injection system that it is today, so has the technology inside it. The latest being the DFI1.20 Common Rail injector using C4i calibration. But what is C4i calibration, otherwise known as C4i coding, and how can we, the OE manufacturer, help you take advantage of the exciting service opportunity that it presents?

What are C4i calibrated injectors?

To meet increasingly stringent emissions regulation, vehicle manufacturers are searching for ways to more accurately control the flow of fuel into the engine, and in turn, optimize the efficiency of the combustion process. This has led to the introduction of injectors that can perform multiple injections during a combustion cycle, inject fuel into the engine at even higher pressures and perform consistently in all engine running conditions. Cue the C4i injector. Featuring an improved correction parameter code, otherwise known as C4i, C4i injectors deliver greater accuracy over their predecessors the C2i and C3i injectors, whilst also being compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards. 

The service opportunity

Delphi Technologies’ C4i DFI 1.20 injectors are fitted as OE to VW 1.6L and 2.0L applications including VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and MAN car and light commercial vehicles. With more than 7.5 million injectors on the roads today – and OE production through to 2022, including future launches for medium duty and off-highway applications – C4i represents a significant and growing service opportunity for the aftermarket. To help you take advantage of this, we offer three service choices; new, remanufactured, and now repaired injectors.

What’s the difference?

Within 12 months of vehicle launch we launched new C4i injectors into the aftermarket. Our new injectors are the same as OE – they’re taken from the same production line that is used to supply the vehicle manufacturer, just packaged in a Delphi Technologies box.

In 2017, came remanufactured injectors. Our reman injectors use the same OE components, and are calibrated to the same OE specification, with up to 1000 test plan calibration points, but simply reuse the core injector, where viable, for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective part. Both our new and OE-approved remanufactured injectors come with a two year warranty.

Last year, we also launched C4i repair through our authorised Delphi Diesel Centre network. With our OE-approved repaired injectors, only out-of-spec components are replaced, reducing the cost even further. Critically, all replacement parts are identical to OE, and the injector is calibrated to OE specification.

The launch of C4i injector repair completes our service offering for these latest generation injectors. By offering new, reman and repair, for both for Common Rail injectors and high pressure pumps, we can ensure the right solution for every vehicle owner. All three options offer guaranteed OE quality but at different price points, so you can decide what’s best for you and your customer. We call it ‘choice without compromise!!’.

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