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Delphi Technologies’ investment in Smart Mobility Venture Capital Fund creates a potential disruptive impact for the aftermarket

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Delphi Technologies Aftermarket has joined forces with NEXUS Automotive International and Mobilion Ventures in investing in high-tech start-ups that are focused on developing aftermarket solutions for smart mobility technologies. The three-year investment in the venture capital fund called Mobilion provides Delphi Technologies with unique access to aftermarket products, services, tools and training under development by entrepreneurs around the world in areas that include advanced control and safety systems, fleet management & navigation, electric vehicles solutions and communication & connectivity systems.

“Smart mobility around the 4 key areas of connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification (CASE) is already changing our world for the better. We will remain at the forefront of these exciting developments as the fund accelerates our access to the brightest minds with the most cutting-edge ideas, allowing us to influence the development of those ideas and how they are brought to market”, says Neil Fryer, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket VP Global Marketing, Product, & Strategy.

This first-of-its-kind initiative is expected to accelerate new product and service time-to-market by up to 60 percent which can make all the difference to a market needing to respond promptly to global CASE demands and also sustainability initiatives. The speed and agility that’s been proven through Mobilion’s accelerated approach, which can trim the standard 5- to 6-year development process down to 2 or 3, can help Delphi Technologies diversify its portfolio and give its customers a significant competitive edge in the rapidly shifting mobility marketplace. 

From Mobilion's perspective, Delphi Technologies contributes with a strategic insight in selecting the best start-ups to invest in. "We are fortunate to have Delphi Technologies as a partner in the Fund as it provides us with unique market benefits. We're better able to validate specific developments before making the investment and plan with our partners on the right market approach that will result in the best technologies and innovations,” says Avi Feldman, Co-Founding and Managing Partner at Mobilion Ventures. 

“This investment in the smart mobility segment is a significant move, continuing our position as the leader in pioneering aftermarket solutions,” added Fryer. “As we see governments and automotive companies putting strategies in place for more efficient and sustainable mobility, the fund will substantially increase our exposure to new technologies that will drive innovation; in turn leading to many commercial opportunities for our customers as we can provide them with aftermarket products and solutions that will maximize their revenue opportunities well into the future.”

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