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The new Hartridge CRi-Pro targets the service needs of the latest generation of Euro 6 standard common rail injectors

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News Article Press Release CRi-Pro Diagnostics & Test Equipment Hartridge
  • The CRi-Pro can provide workshops with a rapid, yet easy to use bench to enhance revenue and productivity.

  • The CRi-Pro can easily interchange between two software platforms for All- Makes testing and Delphi Technologies Authorised testing in one test solution 

  • The new machine has been designed with simplified injector tooling to reduce the initial investment in accessories, further optimising the ROI for the workshop

  • The CRi-Pro is the only test bench certified for Delphi Technologies authorised testing of F2E, F2P, F2R, and C2i, C3i, C4i injectors, and All-Makes testing capability. 

Warwick UK, July 2022 

The CRi-Pro is a 4-line injector test bench capable of up to 2700 bar pressure. Combined with impressive flow delivery it delivers the power where it matters most in testing. The new look machine combines the advanced testing in high demand from the Sabre CRi Expert, with a 4-line format for the workshop to undertake volume testing. The main working area of the machine is carefully laid out to simplify injector installation and changeover to maximise technician productivity at all stages of use.

An All-Makes and Authorised Test Bench 

The CRi-Pro is authorised by Delphi Technologies to support the official repair programs for F2E, F2P, and F2R system injectors, plus C2i, C3i, and C4i injector technologies, all via IRIS software. In addition, 

it boasts full All-Makes capability through magmahTouch software giving access to over a thousand Bosch, Denso, and VDO coded test plans. The CRi-Pro has been engineered with the understanding that it will regularly be changing between All-Makes and authorised modes to keep fast, easy use at the forefront of the machine’s design. 

Thanks to the Delphi Technologies authorisation on the Hartridge CRi-Pro, it can work together with the new authorised F2 series injector repair program for an effective test-repair-test process in the workshop. The authorised repair program packages together parts access, dedicated tooling, technical documents, and technician training in an easy-to-adopt solution. The diagnostic testing and coding capability of the CRi-Pro can accelerate the turn-around time on the injector service and empower first-time-fix satisfaction. 

State of the art All-Makes testing as standard 

The CRi-Pro offers versatile diagnostic options to the workshop, whether they’re looking for straight forward pass-fail testing, or wish to use the innovative test steps and coding test plans that come with the magmahTouch software. Minimum Drive Pulse (MDP), Nozzle Opening pressure (NOP) and 1 pulse per revolution (1PPR) synchronisation and coding allow the workshop to cater to even the most demanding latest generation injectors and help the workshop cater to a wide customer base. 

Meeting OE requirements for authorised testing 

The new machine also contains a host of functions as standard in order to reliably test to OE standards, such as enhanced measurement of the opening and closing delays, for a more accurate and in-depth diagnostic of response time which is required for F2 injectors. Injector body air cooling, injector flushing, and advanced temperature management mean the CRi-Pro can provide the workshop with significant diagnostic capabilities from standard features. Further enhancements in the software result in a 20-30% reduction in cycle time for CXi series injectors compared to the CRi-PC. 

“The parc of common rail diesel vehicles is reaching maturity and represents a significant service opportunity for workshops to help these vehicles have a long and healthy service life. The CRi-Pro provides expansive application coverage, market leading software, and the latest in injector diagnostic technology to do just that” says James Oakenfull, Hartridge General Manager. “We also know that ease-of-use for the technician is the secret to unlocking workshop productivity, so we designed the CRi-Pro to be fast and simple to use throughout”. 

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