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Delphi Launches New Premium Braking Range for Electric Vehicles

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Press releaseDelphi announces the launch of its new range of BEV brake pads dedicated to the specific needs of BEV applications. Based on detailed comparisons, this range is amongst the most comprehensive in the world today covering the most popular models in the independent aftermarket. Vehicles include the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S/Model 3, in addition to the newest models such as BMW i4/iX, Mercedes EQC/EQEE/QS, and Porsche Taycan/Cross Turismo. Introducing 52 part numbers covering 2.7M Vehicles In Operation in Europe, Delphi is providing a substantial service opportunity for workshops.  

New premium braking range for electric vehicles


EV Specific Braking Design 

These brake pads are at the forefront of future technologies, providing workshops with an EV solution that offers ultimate braking performance manufactured to high OE tolerances. Covered with an advanced coating, these pads provide better initial friction performance straight from the box. The silver powder coated backplate offers a high resistance to rust and excellent durability, and the multi-layered steel and rubber composite shim minimises noise, and vibration, delivering exceptional stopping performance and pad wear marking has been added to indicate when brake pads are due for replacement. 



Meeting Environmental Standards 

As EVs become more mainstream there is an increasing demand for high quality aftermarket parts. This range of EV brake pads has been awarded the AASA Leafmark™ ‘N’ rating, like 99% of Delphi’s current range, demonstrating its commitment to provide sustainable quality products.  

“Striving for green e-mobility and contributing towards environmentally friendly standards, was at the heart of developing this new range over several years. The AASA Leafmark™ ‘N’ rating is a promise to our customers that the products they buy have been engineered using eco-friendly, copper & heavy metal free friction materials, ensuring durable low dust pads,” said Laurence Batchelor, Chassis Global Product Lead for Delphi. “The pads and the packaging have been designed to reflect this commitment, and the extensive range coverage makes Delphi the partner of choice for workshops and distributors when enhancing their EV servicing capabilities.” 

Service ready 

Like all Delphi pads this EV range can be fitted straight from the box, and in some cases additional hardware has been provided to make installation even easier. Included are abutment clips, calliper bolts with correct thread-lock, electronic wear leads, and a sachet of grease for a complete fitting solution to enable right first-time fitment with minimal come backs. 

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