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Delphi Brings Cataloguing Enhancements to Assist Auto Technicians

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Parts catalogues are essential for auto technicians. At Delphi, we understand the unique challenges these professionals face. Our new cataloguing enhancements help with accurate parts selection and connect mechanics with data and resources to support the installation and repair.

The Value of Quality Parts Catalogues

Why do technicians need a feature-rich and comprehensive parts catalogue?

Parts selection is a nuanced step in the repair process. It is vital for quality work. Catalogues can make or break this first step in the process. Professionals need to find the correct part for first-time repairs or replacements, but they often only have a short time to ensure they make the right choice.

Poor catalogues can complicate this process. A disorganised database can increase the time spent on the job and lead to ordering mistakes.

The incorrect part could cause further delay, forcing customers to wait for job completion. On the other hand, obtaining the right part and installing it quickly will win the appreciation of customers. 

Here is what you can expect from Delphi's catalogue enhancements.

A Partnership with the Top Catalogue Supplier in Europe

Delphi holds Premier Data Supplier status with TecAlliance, the leading aftermarket parts catalogue provider in Europe. TecAlliance uses theTecDoc® catalogue solution, which is widely considered the industry standard for aftermarket cataloguing and data.

Why does TecDoc® have this reputation? First, it has a user-friendly interface that allows technicians and parts retailers to search the entire database using different factors. They can seek country-specific parts or use international search terms.

Finally, searches using vehicle registration or other auto identifiers help double-check that the mechanic has chosen the correct part. The redundancy can streamline selection and avoid the delay of reordering a different product.

Additional Media

We have two media features that enhance our parts catalogues.

First, we are including 360-degree images for a growing range of our products. The pictures provide easy visual identification and help technicians see how the product fits into the vehicle. 360-degree images can also help technicians assess the damage to the current part and give an explanation to the customer.

Our second media offering is a collection of instructional videos. Our survey of 4,000 workshops found that many use videos to learn how to install specific aftermarket parts. Technicians often have a limited amount of time to complete repairs. Videos are quicker to watch and provide steps users can follow as they go, pausing when needed and providing examples and specific steps for installation. We have developed a series of how-to videos, which are now linked with our parts on TecDoc®. These instructional presentations give technicians guidance and tips installing the parts.

Expanded Cross-Reference Database

A comprehensive cross-reference (XREF) database is crucial to help technicians identify the right interchangeable part. Recognising this, we constantly look to evolve and enhance our database. In 2022, we added over 10,000 new x-refs, and in 2023 we're taking it even further by adding an additional 20,000, ensuring our catalogue provides the greatest support to technicians to find the part they need, when they need it. 

The expanded XREF database helps technicians find interchangeable parts. With thousands of new parts added to this system, the search will be much easier. Technicians will appreciate the ability to find compatible parts

A New Website Catalogue

The TecDoc® collaboration is not the only resource for finding parts, getting information, and finding media resources to assist with parts identification and installation. We are also launching a new Delphi catalogue that will be hosted directly on our website and will be available in both desktop and mobile version.

Enabled with a multi-region registration lookup, technicians will be able to find in-depth information about each part and the advantages it offers. We also provide marketing materials for parts retailers and wholesalers, together with informational and instructional downloads.

Take Full Advantage of Our Catalogue and Resource Enhancements

At Delphi, we do not just offer access to aftermarket auto products. Our cataloguing enhancements ensure technicians can find the parts needed, match them with specific vehicles, and avoid mistakes when ordering. 

We take it a step further by providing resources, such as 360-degree images and instructional videos. These help with selection and streamline the installation and repair processes.

Together, these enhancements increase the quality of every step in the repair process.

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