Shaping the future with Delphi in Turkey

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At Delphi, we’re committed to investing in the future, and it begins with empowering the next generation. With Europe’s youngest population, Turkey represents a hub of potential innovators and industry leaders. Our ongoing technical schools project serves as a platform where young talents, particularly in the technical field, are nurtured.

Strengthening foundations in Istanbul

Our initial focus has been on two technical high schools in Istanbul — Borsa Istanbul Başakşehir and Borsa Istanbul Pendik. Our involvement transcended typical partnerships; we renovated classrooms and supplemented them with advanced learning materials, including real engine oil samples and diagnostic tools. At one school, students now have access to a lift, an impact wrench, and a full tool trolley, fostering an environment where theoretical knowledge meets practical application.

Delphi Aftermarket Turkey, Caucasus, Middle East and Africa Regional Director Reşat Dumanoğlu said, “At Delphi, we highly value the education and investment in our future generations. We are committed to providing outstanding education and support to the future of the automotive industry. We have invested in the renovation of classrooms, and have donated diagnostic and technical tools as well as product samples. But it doesn’t stop there - “Delphi Aftermarket Class” is our promise to continue supporting young technicians through education and training projects going forward.”, Reşat Dumanoğlu added, “I believe that these students will shape the automotive industry and be the pride of the Turkish nation.”

The "Masters of Motion" initiative

Beyond the physical enhancements, we introduced the ‘Masters of Motion’ concept through Delphi seminars, offering in-depth insights into our diverse product range. This initiative ensures that students and educators have immediate access to a wealth of informational content and real-time support, bridging knowledge gaps efficiently.

Extending our reach

To date, we have reached 1,000 students in Istanbul. This achievement marks the beginning of a broader vision. Our expansion plans include bringing our unique educational approach to additional schools in İzmir and Ankara. Before the year ends, we’re excited to introduce this project to three more schools during 2023. These institutions include:

• Ege University’s Ege Higher Vocational School
  Automotive Technology Department in İzmir
• Bornova Mimar Sinan Vocational and
  Technical Anatolian High School in İzmir

• Bornova Vocational Training Center in İzmir

Tailored educational experiences in Izmir

Students at Ege University, Bornova Mimar Sinan Vocational School, and Bornova Vocational Training Center will soon experience our customized, product-specific training sessions. They will also get hands-on experience with our Hartridge bench (Sabre Expert), complemented by an exclusive tour of our İzmir manufacturing plant to witness the practical applications of their learning.

Fostering a learning ecosystem

Our commitment extends to delivering product-specific trainings and ‘train the trainer’ sessions, ensuring a cyclical process of learning and teaching. This approach not only amplifies the depth of knowledge but also enhances adaptability, ensuring that educators and students alike are equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of technology and innovation with agility and expertise.

An invitation to collaborate

Our actions are rooted in a comprehensive vision for the future — a future where young technicians are not only well versed in current technologies but are also prepared to innovate and lead. We’re not on this journey alone; collaboration and partnership are integral to achieving a future where technology and skill harmoniously coexist. Every step forward is a stride towards a world led by skilled, informed, and innovative Masters of Motion.


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