Precision And Performance With Delphi's Expanding S&S Range

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Vehicle stability, control, and safety hinge on superior steering and suspension (S&S) systems. That’s why we are relentless in our pursuit to deliver top-quality products and continuous innovation. With everything from control arms to tie rods, Delphi gives you access to the precise part you need to ensure optimal vehicle integrity—all backed by extensive technician support.

Better yet, we help you keep up with the rapidly evolving automotive industry. In the coming months and years, we are expanding our coverage with an extensive new-to-range program. With Delphi, you operate at the forefront of vehicle innovation, equipped with the parts and know-how to delight your customers.

Delphi's Steering & Suspension Solutions in 2024

New Releases in 2024 and Beyond

Second best isn’t good enough. We have big plans to become the #1 provider in S&S coverage, with an aggressive new-to-range program that will see us add over 1,000 SKUs annually in 2024, 2025, and 2026. This means more than 180 million vehicles in the EMEA region will be covered.

Here’s a closer look at our release schedule:

Access to the Parts You Need

From April 2024, we’ll add more than 700 new part numbers. This includes:

This launch caters to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring you have the parts you need to keep your customers on the road. 

What’s more, we’ll release eight S&S kits for VW Group and BMW.

Solutions For Evolving Technologies

The automotive industry is rapidly shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs). Delphi is keeping ahead of this change, offering over 50 new part numbers for EVs. These are suitable for popular models like the VW ID.3, Peugeot 2008, BMW iX3, Kia EV6, Hyundai IONIQ 5, and even the Porsche Taycan.

Additionally, we are extending our coverage to include electric versions of popular light commercial vehicles (LCVs) like the Citroën ë-Berlingo, VW e-Crafter, and Iveco eDaily

Delivering On Demanded

Tesla is dominant in the EV market. To meet demand, Delphi is offering new control arms for the bestselling Tesla Model Y. Plus, we are adding 18 new part numbers for other Tesla models.

Empowering Workshops With Comprehensive Support

Delphi goes beyond just providing parts. We offer a robust workshop solutions concept to empower technicians:


    A one-day face-to-face course and 28 hours of online academy content on S&S.


    Software version 2023.20 covers steering angle sensor calibration for 622 models and supports all major calibrations, including steering angle, yaw sensor, accelerometer, and lateral and longitudinal sensors. Additionally, it offers comprehensive air suspension coverage with the ability to calibrate height sensors and perform inflation/deflation procedures.


    We release new videos every Thursday on our YouTube channel, covering various S&S-related topics, such as performing ADAS calibrations, replacing components on Tesla models, and changing stabiliser links and control arms. 

Ensuring Seamless Part Identification

The ability to quickly and accurately identify parts is critical. That’s why we continuously expand and enhance our cataloguing database, providing technicians with the information and tools they need for precise selection.

Dedicated to providing high-quality information, we maintain TecDoc Premier Data Supplier status. And, all new SKUs in this range extension will have 360-degree images for even easier identification.

Delphi's Vision For Future-Ready Workshops

Delphi’s S&S range is more than just parts. It’s a commitment to continuous innovation, comprehensive support, and helping technicians ensure peak vehicle performance. Our relentless pursuit of excellence empowers workshops and drivers to stay ahead of the curve—whatever the road throws their way.
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