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With a presence in more than 150 countries, and a global network of over 2750 service centres, Delphi Technologies aftermarket provides OE specification end-to-end solutions from components to sophisticated software solutions.


The addition of electronic controls has made braking systems much safer and smarter. It’s no longer a matter of just stopping quickly. Nowadays how you stop, and even anticipating the need to stop, is just as important. That’s why our extensive braking line-up has been designed, engineered and manufactured to mirror the OE. So, not only do we stop just as quick as the OE, sometimes even quicker, we do it in complete control too. With the backing of expert diagnostics, training and technical support, you can count on Delphi Technologies to meet all your braking needs.

First-to-market brake pads

Delphi Technologies first-to-market brake pads provide a huge advantage to our aftermarket customers, allowing workshops to generate additional revenue by accessing the repair business on these newer vehicles sooner, increasing both profitability and customer retention.

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