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With a presence in more than 150 countries, and a global network of over 2750 service centres, Delphi aftermarket provides OE specification end-to-end solutions from components to sophisticated software solutions.

Power Electronics

Delphi has long-term OE experience in power electronics, with a proven track record of success. Automotive power electronics help in the efficient conversion, conduction, and control of electric power in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).

Nobody in the industry has as much time and resources invested in power electronics as Delphi.

We made the call some 25 years ago to specialize in OE power electronics. We knew that the efficient conversion, control, and conditioning of electric power in vehicles would be needed for our customers to meet increasing emission and fuel economy regulations, as well as create consumer acceptance for hybrids and electric vehicles. This OE expertise helped us gain a leadership position in the vehicle electrification race. 

Now, we are continuing the race into the aftermarket.

Our initial aftermarket power electronics line-up consists of combined inverter/converters, on-board chargers, and charging cord sets, with plans to expand product offerings as the program grows. And whether if it’s a replacement for a hybrid, plug-in, or electric vehicle - an OE quality part deserves an OE quality repair.

That is why our aftermarket program will also offer comprehensive HEV training to help service the next generation of vehicles for a full-service power electronics solution.


Please read the following carefully before installing any Power Electronic product.

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