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Charge-up your business! Delphi’ OE multi-charge ignition coils.

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In this article, we discuss Delphi’ OE multi-charge ignition coils.

With shorter intervals between injection and ignition, coupled with leaner air fuel mixtures, today’s advanced gasoline direct injection (GDi) engines place greater demands on the ignition system. Making it the perfect time to launch our new OE multi-charge ignition coil technology.

Designed for the challenging engine operating conditions in GDi vehicles, Delphi' multi-charge ignition coil fires multiple times, in quick succession. By increasing both spark duration and spark energy, it ignites the fuel mixture at just the right time, for optimum combustion. This enables spray guided GDi engines to achieve up to 20 percent better fuel economy and reduced emissions, versus competitor time-controlled multi spark ignition systems. It also helps to limit emissions under cold-start conditions, by ensuring complete combustion of the fuel in the cylinder. No wonder the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers are fitting Delphi as OE!

But what about the aftermarket? Well here’s the good news! With our new ignition coils for Mercedes Benz and Nissan, you and your customers can now enjoy a high-quality repair, too. And with over 14 million coils, already fitted as OE to popular applications including Mercedes A220, C180, C200, E200, GLA200, Vito and Nissan Q50, Q60, plus future OE business through to 2028, you'll be seeing plenty of these vehicles on your ramps for repair in the coming years. So, whether you’re a distributor or garage, give your sales a little extra spark with Delphi’ super-fast, multi-charge ignition coils.

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A220, A250, A45, B200, B220, B250, C160, C180, C200, C250, C300, C350E, CLA220, CLA250, CLA45, CLS260, E200, E250, E300, E350E, GLA200, GLA220, GLA250, GLA260, GLA45, GLC200, GLC250, GLC300, GLC350E, GLK200, GLK250, SLC200, SLC300, SLK200, SLK300, V250, VITO

Q30, Q50, Q60, QX30

05/2012 >

274 9060 600  //  274 9061 400  //  A274 9060 600  //  A274 9061 400



C43, C400, C450, CLS320, CLS400, E43 AMG, E320, E400, GL400, GLC43 AMG, GLE43 AMG, GLE320, GLE400, GLE450, GLE500e, GLS400, ML400, S320, S400, S500, SL400, SL C43 AMG


276 9060 060 // 276 9067 900 // A276 9060 060 // A276 9067 900

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