How to calibrate the engine air filter on a Mercedes

How to calibrate the engine air filter on a Mercedes

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The air filter on a vehicle prevents contaminants from getting to the engine. It can otherwise lower performance and efficiency, and also reduce the engine’s lifespan.

Join our Delphi expert as they share how to calibrate an engine air filter on a Mercedes diesel C-Class. In this Masters of Motion video, you’ll find out:

• What an engine air filter does 
• Why it needs to be calibrated
• How to perform the job

Do I need to calibrate a new air filter?

Yes, a new air filter needs to be calibrated to make sure it’s working as intended, otherwise car performance can suffer in a variety of different ways.

What equipment will I need?

In this video, our expert calibrates the air filter using a Delphi workshop tablet and Delphi DS480 diagnostic tool

What information is needed before beginning?

First, you will need the vehicle’s registration which you input into the diagnostic system. Then, simply follow the on-screen options provided. You will also need the vehicle’s engine code.

What if I’m unsure what to do?

Our software includes a ‘Help’ section to guide you through the process.
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