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How to change the brake fluid on a Tesla

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Changing brake fluid on a vehicle is an essential maintenance job. It needs to be performed because brake fluid loses its performance over time due to it absorbing water, which then leads to bubbles in the fluid.

In this Masters of Motion video, our Delphi expert demonstrates how to change the brake fluid on a Tesla Model S, sharing:

• How to remove the existing brake fluid
• How to perform the brake bleed
• Tips when working on an electric vehicle 

How often does brake fluid need changing?

Most manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid in their vehicles once every two years as it plays such an important safety function. 

What do I need to perform an oil change?

To change the oil on a Tesla Model S, the main pieces of equipment our Delphi expert uses are new brake fluid, a pressure bleeder and the Delphi DS480 Diagnostic Tool.

How can I tell if the brake fluid needs changing?

First, there is the manufacturer’s recommended period between changes to follow. You can also look for signs that it needs changing, such as the fluid looking dirty or smelling burnt, the brake pedals being spongy, or the fluid level having dropped in the reservoir.

What is a frunk?

This is the name Tesla gives to the storage space at the front of the vehicle. The name is a mix of the words ‘front’ and ‘trunk’.

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.

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