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How to fix a punctured tyre

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Vehicle tyre puncture repair is one of the most common jobs in the workshop. But before you can start, there are some steps you need to follow to assess the damage and decide on the best actions for repair.  

Nail down your knowledge of the steps involved in tyre puncture repair with this in-depth guide from the experts at Delphi. In our latest how-to video we’ll go through:  

  • The legal tyre tread depth in the UK 

  • The maximum repair size possible of the tyre damage 

  • How to treat the affected area before attempting repair. 

What are the tyre repair regulations in the UK? 

Different countries have different regulations regarding tyre repair. In the UK, tyre puncture repair must comply with BS AU 159 standards. This sets out a standard procedure as well as specifying what conditions a tyre can and can’t be in in order to make the repair. 

How long will a tiyre with a plug last? 

When a tyre has been correctly repaired to the BS standard, the repair is expected to last until the tyre requires replacement.

What is Area T? 

Area T is the central part of the tyre’s width upon which a minor puncture repair can be carried out. The size of Area T depends on the width of the tyre, but it spans between about 60%-70% of the central width. Only punctures within this area can be repaired, otherwise the tyre must be replaced. 

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.

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