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How to Identify Good Suspension

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In this article, you find out how to identify good suspension


Good suspension should provide independent shock absorption to individual wheels. That means, when one wheel rides over a hump, the shock will not be transferred to other wheels. 



Good suspension should have adequate body roll. Excessive body roll leads to too much weight transfer, influencing the steering response. Restricting body roll to minimal may create an uncomfortable driving experience because of excessive Gforce. Moreover, body roll could provide information to the driver, telling him or her the state of cornering and whether the car has reached its limit. Complete elimination of body roll is not optimal. 



Good suspension should have good geometry, such that wheel cambers remain unchanged in all conditions including acceleration, braking, cornering, load and bumps. 

Body roll suppression usually conflicts with ride comfort, because the former requires stiffer spring and dampers while the latter is opposite. Nevertheless, clever suspension geometry may improve body roll without altering the ride. 

Suspensions are employed to deal with humps in the road surface helping to enhance ride comfort. When a car rides over a hump, the springs are compressed, storing the energy to provide shock absorption.

The energy will be released quickly when the springs bounce back. Dampers are employed to smooth and slow the bounce motion, which is called "damping".

Without dampers, the car will bounce up and down severely and quickly, and potentially provide an uncomfortable ride.


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