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How to recalibrate a DPF pressure sensor

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A diesel particulate filter (DPF) pressure sensor is designed to measure exhaust backpressure and then let the power-train control module (PCM) know when the filter needs to be cleaned by performing regeneration.

Our Delphi expert shares how to recalibrate learn values after replacing a DPF pressure sensor. Discover all this: 

  • The importance of a DPF pressure sensor
  • How to perform the recalibration
  • How to produce a calibration certificate

Why does the DPF sensor need to be calibrated?

If a replaced DPF pressure sensor is not calibrated properly, regeneration may not be carried out when needed and the vehicle’s performance is affected.

What is regeneration of the filter?

This is the periodic cleaning of the DPF filter by burning off soot that accumulates.

What information will I need?

To perform the calibration, you will need either the vehicle registration or VIN number. You will need to input the information into the tablet that comes with your Delphi diagnostic kit.

Why do I need a certificate?

This is proof that you have correctly calibrated the DPF sensor. You can print this out to give to your customer, as well as keep a PDF copy for your own records.

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.
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