Symptoms of a leaking diesel injector | Masters of Motion
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How to recognize the symptoms of a leaking diesel injector

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A diesel injector performs a simple, yet very important job – it delivers fuel as a fine mist into cylinders, where it then combines with air.

In this Masters of Motion video, our Delphi Expert looks at a common diesel injector fault found in transit vans. Discover all this:

• Spot the symptoms of a failing diesel injector 
• The fault code to look out for
• How to replace the faulty part

What equipment do I need to pinpoint a fault?

Once you’ve narrowed down the fault to a failing diesel injector by knowing the symptoms, you will need a Delphi BlueTech DS480 to run the necessary checks.

Why do I need to know the symptoms of the fault?

By knowing what to look after you can save time tracing the problem and fixing it. Symptoms can include failure to start the vehicle or taking a long time to turn over. 

What can happen if the fault isn’t fixed?

Failure to fix a faulty diesel injector can lead to other parts failing as a result and even a breakdown. 

What is ‘limp home’ mode?

This is an early sign of a failing injector, and is a security feature which kicks in when the engine or transmission control unit picks up a fault. In this mode, the vehicle switches off less important functions, like the air conditioning, and reduces the speed of the car.

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