How to replace the upper arm on a Tesla Model S
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How to replace the upper arm on a Tesla Model S

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A common issue with the Model S is the upper ball joint, which can become detached from the arm due to excessive wear from its unique positioning.

Get a refresher on replacing the upper arm on a Tesla Model S with some help from the experts at Delphi. In this video you’ll see:

• How to access the upper arm fixings
• The tools and equipment you’ll need
• The different components found on coil suspension vs air suspension.

What happens if the upper arm is not replaced?

If the ball joint becomes detached from the upper arm, it will allow the wheel to move in the direct of camber and caster, as it will no longer be supported on its vertical axis.

Why is it called a frunk?

A clever portmanteau devised by Tesla drivers, the ‘frunk’ is a combination of the words ‘front’ and ‘trunk’, referring to the space at the front of the car. Because there’s no engine bay inside a Tesla, the space is freed up for shopping – although there is an advised weight limit of 50kg.

How do I access the rear bolt in the upper arm?

The upper arm is fixed into place with a bolt at the back of the wheel arch. You need to remove the wheel arch liner to access the bolt, and remove it from the arm, which can then be pulled clear.
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