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Our Tech Tips for servicing brakes

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Braking Maintenance Solutions Technical Tip 1 min read

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In this article, you will learn about our tech tips and recommendations for servicing brakes. 

When performing a braking service, it is recommended to fit new braking accessories with every replacement as re-using the old items can jeopardize braking performance.

By replacing accessory kits when changing brake pads, you ensure a reduction in potential warranty claims, a reduction in possible brake noise, and increased customer satisfaction.

Worn Pads

If the inside pad is worn more than the outside one, the caliper needs to be serviced or replaced because the caliper piston has not retracted properly.

If the outside pad is worn more than the inside one, the mounting hardware is causing the caliper to hang up and not slide. If this is the case, replace the mounting hardware and lubricate the slides.

Even wear is desirable although a slight variation in thickness from one pad to the other is considered to be acceptable.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid with a dry boiling point of 200°Celsius or less should be replaced, and anything under 180°Celsius is potentially harmful and requires immediate action.

The problem is not linked to age or mileage. Regular testing on all vehicles is critical. 

Routinely Test

Routinely test all vehicles that come into your workshop.

This two-minute check could generate extra revenue for your shop and help to ensure safer vehicles.

DS Diagnostics Tool

To ensure the vehicle's braking system is working to its optimum performance, use your Delphi DS Diagnostics tool.

The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.

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