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In this article you will find out about, why Delphi brake pads registered noise over 70db on only 1 out of every 1000 times.

We’re shouting loud about our recent noise tests. Why? Because it’s the only noise you’re going to hear from Delphi brake pads!

You know that screech that can happen when you pull up at a red light and other drivers look over at you in disdain? Well that’s brake noise. It can range anywhere from a mild annoyance to an intolerable squeal. It’s also one of the biggest sources of customer comebacks for any garage. Yet, unfortunately is often one of the most difficult issues to solve. So we tested eight different pads – Delphi, the OE and six other leading aftermarket brands to the industry benchmark SAEJ2521 noise test – to understand the true extent of the problem. The results speak volumes.

On the noise index section of SAEJ2521, where seven or below is audible and ten is silent, the Delphi pads recorded a near-silent 9.6, half a point ahead of the next best brands. In sharp contrast, four brands registered below seven, and can therefore be considered noisy.

More importantly, the Delphi pad registered noise above 70db, the threshold where brake noise can be heard, on only 0.1 percent of occasions. To give you an idea of just how good this is, the limit for noise tolerance at 70db, as defined by vehicle manufacturers, is ten percent - 9.9 percent more than the Delphi pad. The average number of noise occurrences above 70 db across the other brands was eight percent, with two brands exceeding the OE limits at 15.6 and 23.8 percent.

As the tests prove, the best way to prevent brake noise is by using OE quality brake pads with proven noise reducing technologies, just like Delphi. Every one of our pads incorporates a special OE underlayer. The three mm layer of noise-absorbing friction material helps to significantly reduce noise occurrences above 70db, or as in this instance, virtually eliminate them. Our pads also feature multi-layered noise dampening shims and OE configured chamfers, as per the OE.

Test Criteria:

  • SAEJ2521 Noise Test.
  • Front axle tested.
  • Car: VW Passat Variant.
  • Engine: 2.0 TSI.
  • Weight: 2168 kg total.
  • Rolling radius: 0,308 m.
  • Max. speed: 137 mph.

See how Delphi outperformed the competition in other key tests – stopping distances, wear and wet braking.

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