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Remanufactured pumps and injectors: a greener solution

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In this article, you find out about Delphi's efforts into creating a sustainable automotive industry. 

March is Earth Hour! And whilst we’ll be doing our bit on 30 March from 8.30 to 9.30pm, for us it’s so much more than just one hour. In fact, at Delphi our goal is very simple - to create a sustainable automotive industry. And we do that in many ways - every hour, of every day, of every year. One example that best illustrates this in the aftermarket is our remanufactured range of diesel pumps and injectors for passenger cars, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and even off-highway applications...

Whilst we’ll always offer new OE pumps and injectors, our remanufactured range is both kinder to the environment and the vehicle owner’s wallet. By reusing the core, the green friendly solution saves between 50 and 70 percent of the resources, and consumes around 85 percent less energy, compared with the new equivalent. Case in point, in the past 10 years – since 2008 – we’ve collected more than 3000 tonnes of core, which we’ve used in remanufactured pumps and injectors. But it’s not only the environment that benefits. Since it uses less new parts, it is more cost effective, providing savings for the driver too. 


However, this is where the savings end. Because we do not skimp on quality. Far from it! Made at one of our four regional remanufacturing facilities - Troy USA, Gillingham UK, Piracicaba Brazil and Yantai China – every pump and injector undergoes a rigorous seven-step process including core inspection, product disassembly, cleaning, further inspection, replacement of parts with like-for-like OE, assembly and finally test and calibration up to 1000 test plan points. This is in sharp contrast to other so-called remanufacturers or repairers who may simply replace the broken or damaged parts, or worse still, just clean and polish the pump or injector, resulting in a whole host of potential issues including poor fuel economy, increased emissions and sluggish performance. Only through an OE authorised approach, like ours, can we be sure the parts are rebuilt as good as new, and perform just like the OE. 

Delphi’s remanufactured parts are typically available within two years of vehicle launch. This ensures, that as the vehicle moves out of the VM network and into the aftermarket, independent garages will be able to provide a competitive alternative to new, as well as a choice for the end user. And with over 280 parts across more than 10 technologies, backed by a two-year warranty, our range will cover all your needs too.

So, do your bit this Earth Hour, and every other hour, by choosing Delphi for environmentally and budget friendly pumps and injectors, guaranteed to perform just like new.

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